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Character name: Sakamoto Tatsuma
Fandom: Gintama
Timeline: Post Episode 57 (right before Benizakura Arc)
Age: 21
~*Magical*~ abilities and strengths: ABILITY TO GENERATE PROFIT MAGICALLY?

Actually, Sakamoto is obsessed with spaceships and spacecraft. It's assumed he knows a lot about them to a degree, maybe even being able to pilot them. He's also a math genius and ridiculously good businessman even though he acts like an idiot almost all the time.

Other than that, he was trained at a very prestigious school of swordsmanship. It's implied that he was very talented with a blade, and Gintoki even referred to him as a 'monster' during the war. Even so, Sakamoto's preferred weapon now is a gun.

How would they use their abilities?: Basically in healthy Gintama fashion by being an idiot. He might try and start up a Gargleblasted version of his company, Kaientai, eventually. Or he'll just be a super awesome businessman while making everyone “WTF” because how can he be a good businessman he's such an idiot...

Appearance: Sakamoto is a tall, fairly handsome man with brown hair (pretty much a fro). He wears sunglasses constantly and a red coat, mostly modern clothing as compared to the rest of the Gintama crazies.

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Background: Not much is known about Sakamoto's history prior to the events of Gintama. What we do know is that he came from a ridiculously rich family. At some point he was sent to a reputable fencing school and learned swordsmanship there.

He was still a young boy when the Amanto (space aliens) invaded Earth. This sparked a conflict between the samurai and the aliens. At some point in the later stages of the war, Sakamoto joined the Jouishishi faction against the Amanto. It's during this time that he met Gintoki, Katsura, and Takasugi, other fighters in the Jouishishi. It's implied numerous times that the war was bloody and violent. Sometime during this war, Sakamoto realized the futility of their efforts. He revealed his intentions to leave to Gintoki one night.

Sakamoto had decided to leave the war effort and go into space. He'd realized that they couldn't stop what was happening and that too many people were sacrificing themselves for a goal they couldn't accomplish. More and more Amanto were arriving every day. Essentially, the Jouishishi were fighting a losing battle. If they kept up, there would be nothing left of them. His dream was to unite Amanto and Mankind with commerce and business, using profit as a common denominator for peace and protecting his country in his own way.

Eventually, Sakamoto left Earth and started his own company called Kaientai. Though not much else is known about how this actually came about, it's shown that he was very successful in this. He became a ridiculously prosperous businessman and was able to collect his own small, private fleet for his company which he outfitted with defensive weaponry. He also met Mutsu, his second-in-command, during this time. Throughout the years, they'd work to grow the business together, though usually it seemed like Mutsu was doing the most work.

Sakamoto basically modernized himself for the sake of his goal. Though an accomplished swordsman, he switched to a gun as his primary weapon. He also started wearing more modern clothing as well.

When Gintoki meets up with him again, they're on a spaceship that is attacked by terrorists. Gintoki recognizes Sakamoto and tries to have him fly the ship to safety. Sakamoto fails for various reasons and the situation ends comically of course as he accidentally trips and tears the steering-wheel out of its place. The ship crash lands on a desert planet. When all hope seems lost, Mutsu tracks her wanderlust leader to the planet and rescues EVERYBODY with Sakamoto's private fleet of ships.

Through some dialogue, we learn more of Sakamoto's backstory and his reason for leaving Earth in the first place (his desire to protect his country in his own way and to unite Amanto and Mankind alike with business etc). Out of NOWHERE, a gigantic sand creature thing attacks the ship and takes several crewmen hostage, Sakamoto included. He pulls his pistol out and shoots the tentacles of the creature, saving his crewmen. We then learn of Sakamoto's personal philosophy, “For the good of others,” which basically equates to 'the good of the many outweighs the good of the few, or the one'. Mutsu orders the ships to open fire even though Sakamoto is still in the clutches of the monster. When questioned about this, she tells Shinpachi that the whole crew follows Sakamoto's philosophy, and it's because they follow Sakamoto that they have to do this for the good of everyone.

Of course, Gintoki saves the day as well as Sakamoto.

Because of the episodic nature of most of Gintama, we don't get to see Sakamoto for a few dozen episodes after this point.

When we finally do see him, Gintoki's freelance group has been hired by Mutsu to find some cargo stolen from the Kaientai and find Sakamoto as well. They catch up to Sakamoto just in time to see him propose marriage (a running joke) to Oryou, a woman he's obsessed with that works at the 'Snack Smile'. They arrive in time to see him get kicked in the crotch.

The group then goes to get some food and discuss the stolen cargo. Sakamoto doesn't have any leads yet, and neither does Gintoki's group. After some info from another corporation and some time spent getting drunk, Sakamoto and the others are attacked by the original group of people who had stolen the cargo. Just as Gintoki is getting ready to fight, Sakamoto fires off his gun and scares the enemy away. He is then beaten mercilessly by Gintoki for scaring off their only lead.

Eventually they're given even more info by the first company they talked to and then track the thieves to their hideout. The group is attacked by a giant tank (which incidentally has a gun that looks like a giant penis). When all seems lost, Gintoki tosses Sakamoto a gun that Mutsu gave him. Sakamoto jumps in front of the group and takes aim after reassembling the weapon. He fires. All that comes out is a small flag that says “STAND FIRM”.

But it turns out that Mutsu had implanted a tracking device into the gun that would activate when fired. Mutsu and the fleet arrives in time to save everyone and take care of the tank. They then search for the missing cargo which is nowhere to be found, yet Sakamoto and the group finally understands what's been going on. They return to the company that's been feeding them info and discover that it was all an elaborate plot by said company to steal the cargo, have it reported as stolen, and get the insurance money.

It's all for profit.


Personality: Sakamoto's most notable trait is his ultra-optimistic and positive attitude about pretty much EVERYTHING. He usually laughs constantly, even in dire situations. At times he even dismisses bad situations as just “imagination” or “bad dreams”. This usually gets him into even more trouble, but he remains positive.

Sakamoto also seems to be an alcoholic. It isn't long in the second episode he's in that he's suggesting they go get drunk, and of course, they do with comical results. Gintoki and he drink themselves to the point of puking and have to rely on Shinpachi and Kagura to help them home to sleep off their drunkenness. They're assaulted along the way and seem to sober up pretty quickly though.

Speaking of which, Sakamoto isn't nearly as stupid as he lets on. He's actually very intuitive and aware of situations. During the above example when they're attacked after drinking, Gintoki and Sakamoto both realize they're being followed long before Shinpachi and Kagura. Sakamoto was also the first of his comrades to realize they were fighting a losing war and that they couldn't stop the change that was coming. Though he acts like an idiot 99% of the time, he is usually very knowledgeable of everything that's happening.

He also had the foresight to plan out what he wanted to do when he left the war and actually succeeded in doing it. Sakamoto has a natural charisma about him that attracts other. It's because of this that he was able to gather enough people for his company even though he acts like an idiot most of the time. It's never really explained how, but he became an extremely prosperous businessman, probably from a combination of his planning, his charisma, and his other abilities.

Sakamoto lives his life by the philosophy of “for the good of others”. His actions are meant to help others. It's one reason he started his business in the first place, an attempt to unite Amanto and Mankind alike with commerce and business and profit. It's his way of fighting for his country and trying to get peace because he knew they couldn't stop the change that was coming. He modernized himself to better fit with this change, even going so far as to forego his sword in favor of a gun.

He is also a peacemaker in a way, at least as far as he hates needless fighting. When attacked in the alleyway, he drives the enemy off just by shooting at the ground and scaring them off. He tells them that he “hates needless fighting.” He also hated to see the useless sacrifices in the war, which is another reason he left Earth to find his own way. Even his fleet is armed only 'defensively' and another reason he switched to a gun might have been because it's more intimidating than a sword, thus giving him the chance to scare opponents away instead of kill them.

Sakamoto is a womanizer. Though he's obsessed with one particular woman (Oryou, who he constantly proposes marriage to), he never fails to hit on almost every young, pretty girl he sees.

Have you read up on how the game works?: Plug-in is FlamingFerret. Can earn money from missions, starting own businesses, stealing, mooching, etc etc etc.

1st person sample:

[The Guide's video function clicks on to show a close up view of a man wearing some sunglasses. He pulls the view back a bit, smiling like an idiot as he scratches the back of his head and continues staring into the Guide. His towel is wrapped around his head like a turban, probably the most creative usage of the towel on a new arrival yet.]

Ahahah! Mutsuuuu? Is this another one of your tracking devices? I see it blinking. Ahah! I must admit I'd rather you stick it into a book than my gun after all.

[He looks around and then back at the Guide. His tone and laugh is noticeably more high-pitched and nervous.]

Ahhh, the Amanto here are very rude! They made me fill out paperwork. Can you believe it? And the protective headgear they gave me is too flimsy! Ahahahah!

[In the background, an attractive female passes by. This catches the man's attention and he drops the Guide. The image shifts for a second before righting itself. He walks up to the woman and:]

Miss! I seem to be lost! Please take me home with you!

[And then he's punched rather violently. He rubs his cheek, still smiling as the female walks off.]

Ahahah! That went well!

[The feed terminates.]

3rd person sample

“Ahahah! I seem to have been misplaced!”

It's the only explanation he could come up with. Usually he was the one that wandered off from the rest of his crew. This time, however, he couldn't quite remember how he got where he was. All he knew was that these Amanto were rude and very picky about their paperwork. No matter how many times he tried to tell them that he was 'only here temporarily' and that 'Mutsu will be by to pick me up in no time', they continued to insist that that was not the case.

They even seemed to believe that Earth had somehow been destroyed.

He shrugged that bit of news off like any other bad news, claiming it had to be their imagination. They didn't seem to care how he handled it just as long as he did his paperwork. After shooing him off to the side to fill it all out, they turned to the next person in line.

Sakamoto, not really in the mood for paperwork since he knew he'd be rescued at any moment, promptly dropped the mountain of papers into the nearest garbage bin. He wrapped the headgear they'd given him around his head, noting that it was really too soft to protect anything at all. As he perused the book he'd also been given, he noticed a flashing light.

“Ahah! Mutsu's really outdone herself this time! A tracking device in a book that I didn't even have on me at the time?”

Sitting down, he stared into the Guide.

“Mutsuuuuuuu! Come get me! It's not even my fault this time! Can I cry now? Ahahahah!”


Did you put your characters name and fandom in the subject: Yesssssssss.
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